Our visit to Taki town in Mie prefecture was great. The audience for the show on November 5th was almost half-full with kids, which gave the whole performance a special energy. This is the third time Hideo (Sensei), Iku (Madame President), Ita (Tech Chief) and I have performed a hybrid version of the piece Gravity […]

First days in Japan very busy, rehearsing in Tokyo for upcoming performances with dancer Hideo Arai. Always a little shocked at how the pace of work/ life here is so much faster and more intense than anywhere else I have visited. Luckily, this is balanced-out by equally intense eating and drinking late into the evening… […]

Yes, it is exciting: this space is now totally refurbished and sparkling new. My thanks to Trevor at Top Quark and Elysha at Pear Tree Design for their talent in producing what you see here. Please take a look around and be in touch with your comments.

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This workshop presents the student with all aspects of the Japanese katsugi-daiko (drums worn on a strap), as well as an approach to developing a hybrid style of lateral playing on any drum. Areas covered in the workshop include strap adjustments, grip, positioning, sound production, and various rhythms, from Japanese traditional sources, as well as […]

This is an introduction to the various styles of tambourine playing found around the Mediterranean region, with particular emphasis on how to consolidate these styles into a fluid, hybrid approach. Students are shown basic grips and striking techniques, as well as  basic rhythmic patterns, such as the Salterello and the Fandango. The workshop then focuses […]

An introductory workshop to the Japanese cymbals known as chappa. Students learn grip, sound production, care of the chappa, and a variety of rhythms, ranging from Japanese traditional to odd meter patterns.

An introductory to advanced level workshop about the Irish bodhran. Students learn how to hold the drum, beater grips, tuning and pitch bending, as well as several basic Irish rhythms. Advanced concepts include application of South Indian solkattu to bodhran playing and various odd meter rhythms.   Visit Patrick’s online bodhran lesson at PercuWeb.ca- English […]