At the Cooperman booth, PASIC 2009.

Patrick Graham has taught nationally and internationally at events and for organizations such as McGill University (Montreal, Canada), the Université de Montréal (Montreal, Canada), Cirque du Soleil (Montreal, Canada), the North American Taiko Conference (Los Angeles, USA), the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (Nashville & Indianapolis, USA), the Japan Frame Drum Association (Tokyo, Japan), the Miyamoto Unosuke Taiko-kan Drum Museum (Tokyo, Japan), the Brhaddvani Centre (Chennai, India), as well as co-ordinating the North American Frame Drum Association gathering in Toronto.

Patrick offers private lessons (in person or online), small and large group workshops, and demonstrations geared to beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. Drawing on 15 years of experience as a professional musician, Patrick customizes his teaching to suit the specific needs of the student. Students are encouraged to develop their own musical voice. Subjects include:

  • Rhythmic development, with or without instruments, utilizing vocal, walking and clapping exercises based largely on South Indian Karnatak rhythm theory.
  • Percussion techniques on instruments such as various hand drums, frame drums, the Irish bodhran, Japanese taiko and percussion, as well as multi-percussion installations. Lessons focus on the exploration of both traditional and non-traditional techniques.
  • Developing an approach to improvisation, on a variety of instruments.

For more details regarding these activities, group workshops, and private lessons, please contact Patrick directly (


Katsugi-daiko & Lateral Drumming

This workshop presents the student with all aspects of the Japanese katsugi-daiko (drums worn on a strap), as well as an approach to developing a hybrid style of lateral playing on any drum. Areas covered in the workshop include strap   More…

Mediterranean Tambourine

This is an introduction to the various styles of tambourine playing found around the Mediterranean region, with particular emphasis on how to consolidate these styles into a fluid, hybrid approach. Students are shown basic grips and striking techniques, as well   More…


An introductory workshop to the Japanese cymbals known as chappa. Students learn grip, sound production, care of the chappa, and a variety of rhythms, ranging from Japanese traditional to odd meter patterns.


An introductory to advanced level workshop about the Irish bodhran. Students learn how to hold the drum, beater grips, tuning and pitch bending, as well as several basic Irish rhythms. Advanced concepts include application of South Indian solkattu to bodhran   More…