Thomas Carbou & Patrick Graham


Independant [2016]

‘Impulse’ is an album of spontaneous improvisation, electronic looping, Brazilian and Indian musical influences, featuring both ecstatic groove pieces and dream-like soundscapes.  The duo employs an array of instruments, including custom 8-string guitar, cuatro, bouzouki, cajon, frame drums, berimbau, udu and metal percussion that are augmented by hypnotic vocals, samplers and laptop.


Le refuge

Independent Release [2013]

OPUS Prize-winner for Jazz Album of the Year and JUNO-nominated in the jazz category, ‘Le refuge’ features new music by Marianne Trudel (piano, accordion, Wurlitzer, vocals), Étienne Lafrance (double bass) and Patrick Graham (percussion).
The influences of jazz, classical and world music blend seamlessly to produce at times cinematic results. What all of the disc’s 12 tracks have in common: great lyricism, poise and thoughtful attention to sound.
– Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen, Jazzblog

Patrick Graham


Independent Release [2009]

13 eclectic, cinematic, and expansive tracks of original music for percussion, taiko, frame drums, davul, recycled metal pots & pans, log drums, vielle à roue, bamboo flutes, dan moi, melodica, toy accordion, and restless fingers. Rheō was voted as one of the top 13 CDs of 2009 by the CBC Radio 2 program, The Signal. The disc features several outstanding collaborators: Ben Grossman (vielle à roue & electronics), Kaoru Watanabe (Japanese and western flutes), Nicholas Williams (bamboo flutes), Debashis Sinha (percussion) and On Ensemble (taiko, percussion).



Independent Release [2003]

Debut recording by eclectic percussion duo GaPa (Ganesh Anandan & Patrick Graham) featuring a number of special guests: Oliver Schroer (violin); Rainer Wiens (prepared guitar); Takinojo Mochizuki (tsuzumi); Kohei Nishikawa (shinobue, nohkan).



The Humours of Autorickshaw

Independent Release [2014]

Fourth release by Toronto-based North-South Indian jazz-fusion band, led by Suba Sankaran & Ed Hanley. Produced by Andrew Craig.

Robin Grenon & Gisèle Guibord

Parfum d’été

Independent Release [2014]

Robin Grenon & Gisèle Guibord- Celtic harps and organ, with Patrick Graham- percussion.


Arômes d’ailleurs

dame [2013]

Compositions by Jean Félix Mailloux (double bass), with Guillaume Bourque (clarinets), Patrick Graham & Ziya Tabassian (percussion), Jérôme Beaulieu (piano) and Philippe Melanson (drums).

Michael Reinhart


Independent Release [2013]

Small World Project

Les aventures du Prince Ahmed

Independent Release [2013]

Live recording of Small World Project’s original soundtrack music, composed for the classic animated feature film ‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1923). Featuring Sébastien Dufour (ukulele, charango, strumstick, banjolele, bass, hulusi), Frédéric Samson (double bass, melodica) and Patrick Graham (percussion, danmoi).

Thème d’Aladin

Suzanne De Serres & Yuki Isami

Tsuki, princesse de la Lune

Planète rebelle [2013]

Shannon Mercer & La Nef


Analekta [2013]

Featuring soprano Shannon Mercer and the musicians of La Nef, with arrangements by Seán Dagher.

Claire Gignac et compagnie

Notes de chevet

Audience [2013]

Music for the project ‘Notes de chevet’, composed and performed by Claire Gignac (flutes, voice, percussion), Jean René (alto, electric guitar), Patrick Graham (percussion) and Frédéric Auger (live sound processing).

Michael Slattery & La Nef

Dowland in Dublin

ATMA Classique [2012]

Featuring tenor Michael Slattery with arrangements by Sylvain Bergeron and Seán Dagher.

Apollo's Fire

Sacrum Mysterium: A Celtic Christmas Vespers

Avie Records [2012]

Directed by Jeannette Sorrell, with soprano Meredith Hall, Sylvain Bergeron & ensemble Le Nef.


Come to the Bower

Independent Release [2012]

Small World Project

Less is More

Audience [2010]

Second album by Montreal’s tiny trio: Sébastien Dufour (ukulele, charango), Patrick Graham (percussion), and Frédéric Samson (bass). Malagasy musician Solorazaf (guitar and vocals) makes a guest appearance.


La 5e Route Bleue

Disques SRI [2010]

Compositions (by artistic director Katia Makdissi-Warren), structured and free improvisations blend in this second OktoEcho production, featuring Ismail Hakki Fencioglu (oud & vocals), Marianne Trudel (piano), Étienne Lafrance and Peter Herbert (double-bass).



Independent Release [2009]

Second recording by Québecois folk music quartet of Éric Beaudry (guitar, cittern, vocals) Stéphanie Lépine (violin, viola, vocals), Christopher Layer (Irish flute, bagpipes, vocals) and Patrick Graham (percussion).

Shannon Mercer & Skye Consort

Wales- The Land of Song

Analekta [2009]

Arrangements by Seán Dagher.

Alex Cattaneo


Independent Release [2009]

Original music by Alex Cattaneo (acoustic guitar), with Guillaume Bourque (clarinets), Annick Beauvais (oboe), Sheila Hannigan (cello), Éric Breton, Patrick Graham and Bertil Schulrabe (percussion).


Ensemble Caprice

Salsa Baroque

Analekta [2010]

Le Vent du Nord

La Part du Feu

Borealis Records [2009]



Elyxium [2009]

Featuring: Michel M. Baklouk, Ismail H. Fencioglu, Ralda Salem, Marianne Trudel, and others.

Suzanne De Serres & La Nef

La Licorne

Éditions Planète rebelle [2009]

La Nef


Fidelio [2009]

Featuring: Claire Gignac, Pierre Hamon, Andrew Wells-Oberegger, Carlo Rizzo and others.

On Ensemble

Ume in the Middle

Independent Release [2009]

On Ensemble delivers a unique combination of taiko, hip-hop, overtone singing, rock and electronica. Features guests Kaoru Watanabe, Patrick Graham and others.

Les Voix Boroques & Les Voix Humaines


Atma Classique [2009]

Featuring vocalists Suzie LeBlanc and Matthew White.

Les Charbonniers de l'Enfer & La Nef

La traverse miraculeuse

Atma Classique [2008]

With Meredith Hall, David Greenberg, Lisa Ornstein, and others.

Small World Project

Small is Beautiful

Fidelio [2008]

With Sébastien Dufour, Frédéric Samson and Patrick Graham- the band’s first album of major hijinks on miniature instruments.

On Ensemble

Ukiyo Live

Independent Release [2008]

Live concert CD, with guests Patrick Graham and Kaoru Watanabe.

Éric & Simon Beaudry

Le sort des amoureux

Roues et archets [2007]

La Nef

The Battle of Killiecrankie- Love & War Songs

Atma Classique [2007]

Featuring vocalists Meredith Hall & Matthew White.

Boulerice & Demers

Un peu d’ci, un peu d’ca

Roues et archets [2007]

Cirque du Soleil


Cirque du Soleil Musique Inc [2006]

La Nef

Musiques des Montagnes

Atma Classique [2006]

Featuring Ben Grossman, Hassan El Hadi and others.

Nicholas Williams

The Whispering Woods

Lunar Canoe Productions [2006]

With Nicholas Williams, Laura Risk, Yann Falquet & Patrick Graham.

Alex Cattaneo & Ganesh Anandan

Asa Nisi Masa

Independent Release [2005]

Blend of South Indian-influenced rhythms with modern guitar tones, harmonica and sousaphone, featuring Alex Cattaneo, Pascal Per Veillette, Ganesh Anandan and Jean Sabourin.

Ima Ensemble

Bad Monkey Bad Bad Monkey

eema records [2005]

With Debashis Sinha, Andrew Downing, Ben Grossman and Patrick Graham.

Danielle Pallardy Roger

Bruiducoeur, Prières des infidèles

Ambiances Magnétiques [2005]

Featuring: VivaVoce (mixed choir); Danièle Panneton & Jacques Piperni (narrators); DB Boyko & Christine Duncan (vocal soloists); Jean Martin & Patrick Graham (percussionists)

Catherine Potter

Duniya Project

Shadraj [2005]

Produced by Ramachandra Borcar.

Meredith Hall & La Nef

Oikan Ayns Bethlehem

Atma Classique [2005]

Catherine Lambert


La Tribu [2005]

Kohei Nishikawa

Flutist from the East Vol. 4 | Love Song

Live Notes [2005]

Featuring Kohei Nishikawa, Liu Fang, Keiko Miyakoshi, Jan Jarvlepp, Hideko Nara and Patrick Graham.

Le Vent du Nord

Les amants du Saint-Laurent

Borealis [2005]

Meredith Hall & La Nef

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

Atma Classique [2004]



Full Spin Music [2004]

Featuring Elisapie Isaac and Alain Auger.

Jean-François Bélanger

Les Mauvais Conseils

Independent Release [2003]

Robert M. Lepage & La Nef

La machine à explorer le tempo

Ambiances Magnétiques [2003]


Les chemins du Moyen Âge

Disques Lyres [2003]


El Pipo del Taxi

Semprini Records [2003]

Produced by Ramachandra Borcar.

Catherine Lambert

Catherine Lambert

La Tribu [2001]



Minuit dans la cuisine [2001]

Produced by Oliver Schroer.

Tess Leblanc

Si ça me chante

Independent Release [2001]

Liu Fang & Farhan Sabbagh

Arabic and Chinese Music

Independent Release [2000]


East Infection

Tox [1999]

Produced by Ramachandra Borcar

Ganesh Anandan


Independent Release [1999]

Group of the Electronic Music Studio

Vox Machina

McGill Records [1999]

Crampe en Masse

Roule-toi par terre

Select [1999]

Jean-François Bélanger

Avant la dérive

Independent Release [1999]

La Galvaude

Le rapide du joual blanc