I’m excited to announce the release of a new track with my good friend and collaborator, electronic music producer John Sellekaers. The track, Badlands (Hex), is being released tomorrow, May 7th, for Bandcamp Friday, as part of the Paranthèses Records 10th anniversary compilation series. Both volumes are FREE (pay what you like) on BC! Badlands […]

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Thankfully, 2020 is coming to a close.Since the global crisis hit in March, I’ve been working hard on new music. ‘Refractions’ is an EP of 4 pieces that marks my first foray into recording and mixing my own music, working primarily from home, a blend of acoustic percussion sounds and digital mixing techniques. <a href=”https://patrickgraham.bandcamp.com/album/refractions”>Refractions […]

Music streaming has been on my mind lately, with the current shutdown of live concerts. I recently came across this excellent NPR article, A Tale of Two Ecosystems, by Damon Krukowski, profiling Spotify and Bandcamp. The article explains the two companies opposing mindsets when it comes to distributing music online. According to Daniel Ek, CEO […]

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Since the global collapse of public concerts in March, like a lot of artists, I’ve been working to augment my ability to produce a variety of content online. This has led to some significant upgrades in a short time: new microphones, cables, stands, lights, a new Zoom L-8 mixer, a new Bose speaker, Final Cut… […]

On March 13th, I released a new solo album entitled Lumina. Since the release, photographer/ film-maker/ designer Youssef Shoufan and I have been working on an interactive web-page, as a way of re-imagining the music of the disc. patrickgrahampercussion.com/lumina The music of Lumina is entirely improvised and the purpose of this online experiment is to give […]

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On March 13th, I launched my new solo disc, Lumina. Thanks to the Centre des Musiciens du Monde and the Canada Council for the Arts for their support. Audio & video by John Klepko. Both videos feature a pretty wide dynamic range: headphones are recommended!

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