On March 13th, I launched my new solo disc, Lumina. Thanks to the Centre des Musiciens du Monde and the Canada Council for the Arts for their support. Audio & video by John Klepko. Both videos feature a pretty wide dynamic range: headphones are recommended!

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About 12 years ago, my friend, multi-talented electronic musician, photographer and designer John Sellekaers proposed an intriguing project: to release a collaborative album of electronic music using only my percussion sounds as source material. Today, March 24th, the album Unnatural is finally available on Paranthèses Records. I’ve listened and re-listened to the tracks on the […]

In light of the current pandemic and very difficult situation for everyone in isolation, the very fine folks at the fantastic online music site Bandcamp are foregoing their normal percentage on sales today. Instead, the money is going straight to the artists. It’s THE perfect time to get some new tunes. Not only is Bandcamp […]

After over a year of work, Lumina, my second solo album, is available today. Lumina by Patrick Graham The album has my name on the cover but a project like this involves a team of people. I feel very fortunate to have been surrounded by a really stellar group of artists and collaborators, all of […]

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It’s an exciting period right now for new album releases. There are three in various stages of release for the month of March. As well, I’m happy to share the videos that have been produced to help promote the discs. Already available is Didem Başar‘s new album, Levantine Rhapsody, on Analekta. Didem is a virtuoso […]

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February brings a new video from my upcoming album LUMINA. ‘Kureru (Growing Dark)’ is superbly shot and directed by Youssef Shoufan. This track features an unusual, sculpted iron slit drum called a hamon. Crafted in Japan by Teppei Saito, these instruments are wonderfully intuitive to play and sound amazing. LUMINA has been in the works […]

New music for January! Next of Kin is the third of three advance singles from my upcoming album with John Sellekaers. Unnatural will be released in early 2020 on the Belgian label Paranthèses Records. Next of Kin, as well as a remix by Leafy Suburbs, are both now available for free on Bandcamp. John Sellekaers […]