Percussionist Patrick Graham and harpist/ koto player Sarah Pagé have an unusually coincidental, even eerie, musical connection that balances the worlds of acoustic and electronically manipulated sounds and reflects a […]

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 天上 の 蒼  Tenjo No Ao, translated from Japanese, means ‘Azure of the Heavens’. This is the title of a new project that I have had the immense pleasure of […]

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Pierre-Yves Martel – viola da gamba, objects; Ben Grossman – vielle à roue; Patrick Graham – percussion Improvisation is the very first music, and is powerful contemporary vehicle for the […]

Thomas Carbou and Patrick Graham share an almost telepathic rapport, blending spontaneous improvisation, electronic looping, Brazilian and Indian musical influences, to create both ecstatic groove pieces and dream-like soundscapes. The […]

Originally premiered in 2009 to launch the CD of the same name, ‘Rheō’ is a performance project mixing live music and contemporary dance. Percussionist Patrick Graham is accompanied by the […]

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Pianist Marianne Trudel, double-bassist Étienne Lafrance and multi-percussionist Patrick Graham are Trifolia, a trio thriving at the fertile intersection of jazz, classical music and global rhythms. Inspired original compositions and […]

Drawing its inspiration from the four corners of the globe, Small World Project’s music vibrates with Brazilian samba beats, Chilean folklore, flamenco, Hawaiian Island melodies, and the musical strains of […]