Innerland | Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers

Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers

Innerland is the second single announcing “Unnatural”, the collaborative effort between Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers that will see the light in February 2020 on Paranthèses Records.

Worked around Patrick’s percussion improvisations, Innerland offers a total different narrative than the one of Lacuna’s with John again subtly sculpting the palette creating wonderfully uncluttered sonics…enabling the smallest details to find air.

A percussionist with a distinctive voice, Debashis Sinha has long been a fixture on Canada’s creative music scene as an acoustic and electronic musician, exploring the many different ways traditional and contemporary tools can inform each other.
While keeping the atmospheric and sometimes cavernous feel of the track, his remix manages to bring it to the minimal techno realm.

Patrick Graham: percussion improvisations
John Sellekaers: electronic manipulations
Debashis Sinha: remix