Lacuna | Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers

Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers

Taken from “Unnatural”, the forthcoming album by Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers due on February 25, 2020, on Paranthèses Records. Lacuna is the first of a series of three singles released each month for free with their accompanying remixes.

Lacuna testifies of the dynamic at work between Canadian percussionist/improviser Patrick Graham and Belgian sound artist John Sellekaers where the vast percussion-based sound palette is sculpted to create a dark and enigmatic soundtrack, a physical sound immersion into some imaginary ritual.

We’ve asked our dear friend and close collaborator Mathias Delplanque (KEDA – Foch/Delplanque) to give Lacuna the remix treatment. His re-envisioning of Patrick & John’s sustained tones injects the original with pulse and dub elements without losing the sense of space present in Lacuna but framing it into new territories.