Next of Kin | Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers

Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers

Next of Kin, the third single taken from “Unnatural” (Paranthèses Records), the fiercely imaginative collaboration between Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers, translates once again the duo’s shared aesthetic to play on timbres and textures. A sparsely populated, sonically inquisitive track with the electronic treatments slightly more upfront creating cavernous resonances that engage the listener into a sonic containment.

At the remix control, we find Leafy Suburbs, one of the many monikers used by Australian Jack-Of-All-Trades producer Lyndon Blue who shares his music explorations between his subtly jazz-tinged electronica project Leafy Suburbs, the folky compositions of his band Heathcote Blue and playing live for notable acts such as Methyl Ethel, Darren Hanlon and Peter Bibby.

His take on Next of Kin isn’t an easy one to pin down. A syncopated, monochromatic, disorienting pulse traverses micro-sound manipulations that leave the listener with an overall feeling of cosmic weirdness.

Patrick Graham: percussion improvisations
John Sellekaers: electronic manipulations
Leafy Suburbs: remix