Don’t Make a Noisy

2010 begins with an extremely busy period touring with Norouet in New York City, and a guest appearance with flutist Kaoru Watanabe in Kenji Williams’ beautiful Bella Gaia project at the Drom, in NYC. As well I spent three weeks in Japan for a fun new dance collaboration with movement artist Hideo Arai in Kagoshima, private lessons and a workshop for the Japan Frame Drum Association in Tokyo, and a memorable live session with wa-daiko drummer Tetsuro Naito, fue player Tomoko Takeda and accordionist Saburo Tanooka at Knuttel House, Tokyo. My thanks to Chris Layer, Hideo, Iku & Shinya, Haruhi Taniguchi, ToMoRo and especially Kosei, Yasuko & Michiru-chan for their kindness!