5e Route Bleue- 1st Tour

Incredible design by Douglas Cardinal.

The very first 5e Route Bleue Alberta tour was a lot of fun, and yielded three great shows. After Edmonton and Calgary, our last performance was at the Grand Prairie Regional College. The building was originally designed by one of my favourite architects, Aboriginal Canadian Douglas Cardinal. His fluid designs manage to blend into the natural landscape and stand-out from the man-made landscape at the same time. The building in Grande Prairie is a beautiful one, and the inside was full of air and light.

Proof that the world is a small one, an acquaintance of mine from Simon Fraser University, Geoff Whittall is the director of the music program at GPRC. It was a great surprise to meet him in what originally seemed like a pretty remote destination, after a space of 18 years! Thanks to Geoff and his staff for making us all feel welcome.