Bandcamp, for your Health.

In light of the current pandemic and very difficult situation for everyone in isolation, the very fine folks at the fantastic online music site Bandcamp are foregoing their normal percentage on sales today. Instead, the money is going straight to the artists. It’s THE perfect time to get some new tunes.

Not only is Bandcamp bursting with great, mostly home-grown and independent music but they also offer an excellent design and innovative service. One serious advantage over pretty much every other online music site is the variety of formats that can be downloaded once a track or an album is purchased. They offer a choice between several uncompressed as well as compressed audio formats, so music fans can choose the quality of sound they would like to download.

I have several albums available on Bandcamp, including my latest solo disc, Lumina.

As well, there are Lacuna, Innerland and Next of Kin, the 3 singles and 3 remixes from Unnatural, my upcoming collaboration with electronic music artist John Sellekaers (who has a huge catalogue of his own). There is also Impulse, my duo album with excellent guitarist Thomas Carbou and his latest trio offering, Directions. Another jazz-oriented release is Olivier Babaz‘ 2019 trio disc, Fragments. Personally, I’ve also discovered great albums by Canadians Debashis Sinha, Raphael Weinroth-Browne and Sarah Pagé. There is so much awesome music…

Visit Bandcamp, pick up some new music and help artists to continue making music!