Facebook Live with Didem Başar

Since the global collapse of public concerts in March, like a lot of artists, I’ve been working to augment my ability to produce a variety of content online. This has led to some significant upgrades in a short time: new microphones, cables, stands, lights, a new Zoom L-8 mixer, a new Bose speaker, Final Cut… Needless to say, all of this gear requires time for experimenting and understanding. So these days my dreams are filled with patch diagrams and waveforms.

Thankfully, things are progressing well. I’m really pleased with the most recent new venture, a Facebook Live concert with my good friend, the wonderful Turkish kanun player and composer Didem Başar. We performed on Thursday July 23rd at the Centre des musiciens du monde as part of the Garage Concert series that Ziya Tabassian established. This summer, the series is taking place online. You can watch our performance here on Facebook. Granted, we had some issues balancing the sound, but I’m really happy with the overall results.

Here are some of the other recent projects released online over the past weeks:

  • An interactive webpage featuring the music from my new solo album Lumina.
  • A solo improvised piece called ‘Delayed’ experimenting with real-time audio effects.
  • ‘River, Bridge, Tree’ is the latest collaboration with my good friends Hideo Arai and Ganesh Anandan. This took place live online on the Zoom conference application, with Hideo in Tokyo and Ganesh in Berlin.