Graham, Sellekaers | Innerland + Sinha Remix

As the clock ticks its way to the new year, I’m very happy to share the second track and remix from my upcoming collaboration with John Sellekaers. Our album Unnatural will be released in early 2020 on the Belgian label Paranthèses Records. The second single, Innerland, as well as a remix by Debashis Sinha, are both now available for free on Bandcamp.

John Sellekaers is a multi-talented electronic music artist, photographer and designer based in Belgium. Our collaboration first started in 2007, but it was put on hold for ten years… The album is finally ready to be released and we’re super happy with it. Unnatural is a collection of enigmatic pieces that oscillate between silence and chaos. The album was created using only acoustic percussion sounds as the raw materials for digital sculpting.

Check out Innerland here:

Toronto’s own multi-talented Debashis Sinha, long-time friend and musical colleague, worked his magic and re-worked Innerland into a very danceable remix and highly appropriate for all your new year’s celebrations. Enjoy!