Japan 2011: ‘Gravity’ in Mie

Dance Lab Karadakara: Hideo Arai, Iku Satō & Kiyoko Itasaka.

Our visit to Taki town in Mie prefecture was great. The audience for the show on November 5th was almost half-full with kids, which gave the whole performance a special energy.

This is the third time Hideo (Sensei), Iku (Madame President), Ita (Tech Chief) and I have performed a hybrid version of the piece Gravity in Japan over the past two years. The original production premiered in 2002 and included my musical partner of several years, Ganesh Anandan. This newer version of the piece incorporates elements of another production, aXes, with live photography and projections onstage during the show.

The kit I use for ‘Gravity’.

Thanks to everyone in Taki for contributing so much to the success of the project! Thanks also to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for co-sponsorship of this project.

Next-up: Wakayama.