Japan 2011: Wakayama-A-Live

With Dongara: Isao, Rico, Tetsuro and Tomoko.

Wakayama has quickly become a memorable place on this trip

Monday night (11.07), Hideo and I performed an fairly impromptu live session with writer, community activist and spoken word artist Yuri Iwahashi, in Wakayama. It was great fun transforming the space with dance and sound. The event was live-streamed on Ustream, and is archived there as well. Check it out.

To my great surprise, my friends from Tokyo, musicians Tetsuro Naito and Tomoko Takeda were coincidentally in Wakayama for some performances with their great wa-daiko unit Dongara. Totally weird running into each other by accident, outside of Tokyo. Another in a series of ‘small world’ moments on the road…

Wakayama negi ramen.

Although Wakayama distinguishes admirably itself in the ramen category of great places to eat in Japan, we all wrapped-up the evening on curry-udon. Incredibly tasty…