Macroscope, the latest release by instrumental trio Small World Project, has been years in the making. The music is original and self-composed, featuring a new sound that leans heavily at times towards the electronic.

We started officially recording the basic tracks for Macroscope back in 2018, after having spent at least a year crafting some of the pieces. These sessions went on the back-burner for a couple of years while we worked on adding new compositions and then… global pandemic. Like many musicians in 2020-21, we started digging into electronic media and the digital space for inspiration. This influence found its place in the music in significant way over the last couple of years, while we mixed and re-mixed our disk. The shutdown of virtually everything was in fact a gift in disguise as it forced us to re-imagine what the album needed to be: nothing short of a re-launch of the trio’s identity and the chance to focus on a more concept-oriented project.

Sébastien Dufour– ukulele, charango, synth, glockenspiel, xylophone, piano
Frédéric Samson– bass, bass guitar, toy piano, melodica
Patrick Graham– percussion, electronic effects
Produced by : Small World Project
Recording engineer: George Doxas @ La Boutique du Son
Mix : Sébastien Dufour @ Shamrock Island Studio 
Mastering : Richard Addison @ Trillium Sound Mastering
Graphic design : Félix Lemay