New Album: Unnatural, with John Sellekaers

About 12 years ago, my friend, multi-talented electronic musician, photographer and designer John Sellekaers proposed an intriguing project: to release a collaborative album of electronic music using only my percussion sounds as source material. Today, March 24th, the album Unnatural is finally available on Paranthèses Records.

I’ve listened and re-listened to the tracks on the album a multitude of times and I’m consistently blown away by John’s digital transformations of my recordings. I’m also impressed by the sense of space that is present on much of the album. I think we instinctively share an appreciation for the environments within which sound exists.

In addition to the full album, John and I are releasing two bonus tracks, which are included in the purchase of the album on Bandcamp. As well, there are three superb remixes for three singles that were released in advance. We are so thankful to have had French sound artist Mathias Delplanque, Canadian percussionist and electronic musician Debashis Sinha and Australian producer Leafy Suburbs work their sonic magic on these pieces.
They are also available on Bandcamp- name your price!

As usual, there are many people to thank: Tamar Kasparian‘s gorgeous artwork is featured in the design of the album; Dino Giancola and Ross Murray engineered the original percussion recordings; Lawrence English mastered the album. Special thanks goes to Alexis Courtin, the man behind Paranthèse Records, for his invaluable and much appreciated enthusiasm and guidance in bringing the final album to completion.

You can also check the excellent music collection that is Paranthèses Records here.