New EP – Refractions

Thankfully, 2020 is coming to a close.
Since the global crisis hit in March, I’ve been working hard on new music. ‘Refractions’ is an EP of 4 pieces that marks my first foray into recording and mixing my own music, working primarily from home, a blend of acoustic percussion sounds and digital mixing techniques.

Like many artists, I have struggled to come to terms with the almost complete shut-down of live performances. With extra time on my hands and in reaction to the current situation, I’ve turned a lot of my attention to composing, recording and mixing. ‘Refractions’ is the result of these explorations, an EP of music that was recorded, mixed and re-mixed during the last 8 strange months.

Some of the recordings I used on ‘Refractions’ were initially done for other recent projects, including my solo album ‘Lumina’ and my collaboration with John Sellekaers ‘Unnatural’. Two tracks, ‘Breathing’ and ‘Stars’ are re-workings of pieces that were created for the 2020 youth theatre production ‘Uprooted’, by Some Assembly Theatre Company, in Vancouver.

‘Refractions’ is best experienced with a good set of headphones in a quiet space, (ideally, with a glass of single malt, but that’s optional.)
For the next couple of weeks, I’ve priced the album at ‘pay what you can’ on my Bandcamp site. I hope you enjoy it.

Sincere thanks to my family for their continued support and my friends and colleagues Ross Murray, John Sellekaers, Tamar Kasparian and Valerie Methot for their contributions and warm encouragement.

Music by Patrick Graham
Recording by Ross Murray (Happyrock International) and Patrick Graham, 2019-2020 (Tracks 1, 2, 4); Recording by Patrick Graham (Track 3)
Mixed by Patrick Graham
Mastered By John Sellekaers
Artwork by Tamar Kasparian
Design by Patrick Graham