Sellekaers & Graham | Lacuna

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the first track and first remix from my upcoming collaboration with John Sellekaers. Our album Unnatural will be released in early 2020 on the Belgian label Paranthèses Records, but the first track Lacuna is available now, for free, on Bandcamp.

John Sellekaers is a multi-talented electronic music artist, photographer and designer based in Belgium. In 2007, John proposed the idea of a collaborative project: to re-imagine and re-mix a series of my solo percussion improvisations. But when he moved back to his native Belgium shortly thereafter, the recordings and the project were shelved… for almost twelve years. In 2019, the project has been reborn.

Unnatural is a collection of enigmatic pieces that oscillate between silence and chaos. The album was created using only acoustic percussion sounds as the raw materials for digital sculpting. The first single from the album, Lacuna, is a pretty excellent representation of this process.

In addition to the upcoming release of Unnatural, we’ve asked a trio of friends to remix three tracks from the album. The first remix is by the brilliant Mathias Delplanque.

More singles and remixes are on the way, stay tuned…