Some Assembly Theatre’s ‘Breakwater’

I have been very fortunate to contribute music to Vancouver-based Some Assembly Theatre company’s production ‘Breakwater’. Artistic director Valerie Methot and I have known each other for many years, but it has only been in the last couple of years that we started working together when she invited me to compose music for her previous production ‘Uprooted’, in 2020. Her company focuses on theatre for and by at-risk youth in the Vancouver area, encouraging young people to be involved in all aspects of the production process.

The current production, ‘Breakwater’, will be premiered online on June 30th, with additional viewings available on July 8th and July 11th.

For me personally, working on ‘Breakwater’ has been a great opportunity to stretch my abilities crafting music for the production as well as recording and mixing it all at home. I’ve posted a selection of tracks here on Soundcloud.

From Some Assembly’s website:
BREAKWATER is a multi-media theatre production that began pre-pandemic in response to conversations with youth who spoke about their mental health struggles. When the pandemic hit, the project faced uncertainty as to whether or not it could move forward. One area of certainty remained – this pandemic is causing an increase in mental health struggles among youth. With Some Assembly’s determination and the support of the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, Roundhouse Community Centre and other funders, this important theatre collaboration between diverse youth and professional artists was able to pivot and move forward.

BREAKWATER follows six youth who face the effects of isolation and mental health struggles from a symbolic world-wide flood. Written by youth with professional playwright Valerie Methot, along with the support of industry professionals from script consultants to counsellors, BREAKWATER promotes self-care and compassion as well as strong, caring communities.

Some Assembly Theatre Company is in its 21st year of collaboratively creating and producing original plays that promote awareness, dialogue, and positive social change around issues that young people are facing. The company is the recipient of the City of Vancouver Youth Award for outstanding contribution to the youth community and the Deryck Thomson Award for exceptional contribution to community building and well-being.