Three New Albums, Three New Videos, March 2020

It’s an exciting period right now for new album releases. There are three in various stages of release for the month of March. As well, I’m happy to share the videos that have been produced to help promote the discs.

Already available is Didem Başar‘s new album, Levantine Rhapsody, on Analekta. Didem is a virtuoso Turkish kanun player as well as an exceptional composer. I’m honoured and really happy to be a member of the group that accompanies her on the disc, which is crammed with beautiful music. Click here to listen and learn more.

Upcoming on March 13th is my own solo album, Lumina. It’s taken ten years to record a second solo album, but I’m really excited by the new music, which is entirely improvised. I took the opportunity to pull out as many unique instruments as possible for the recording, to create a sound environment that is completely original. Lumina will be available on Malasartes Musique. The launch will be held at the Centre des Musiciens du Monde, starting at 5pm. I’m releasing a few videos along with the album, this one, La terre m’enlace, is the latest offering.

Patrick Graham | La terre m’enlace from Patrick Graham on Vimeo.

The final release for the month of March is entitled Unnatural, a collaborative effort with multi-talented artist John Sellekaers. Working with only a collection of my percussion improvisations, John crafted a striking album of digitally-transformed pieces that covers an incredible range of ambiances and energy levels. We started with one short recording session in 2007 and then the project was put on hold for a decade… Now it is set to be released on the Belgian label Paranthèses Records on March 24th.

Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers l Unnatural l Album Release Teaser from Parentheses Records on Vimeo.

In conjunction with the release of Unnatural, we’ve also asked three friends to remix three advance singles from the album. They’re all available on Bandcamp.