Jeonju, Korea

Jeonju International Sori Festival

3:00 PM

Constantinople with Jeong Sang Hui, Oh Byung Og & Lee Sang Hwa

‘Re:Orient’ is an international collaboration directed by ensemble Constantinople‘s Kiya Tabassian for the 2023 edition of the Jeonju International Sori Festival. Blending the traditional pansori music of Korea with Constantinople’s own hybrid style, the concert will be presented at Myeongin Hall. More info here.
Kiya Tabassian- setar & artistic director
Jeong Sang Hui- pansori
Didem Başar- kanun
Oh Byung Og- daegeum
Patrick Graham- percussion
Hamin Honari- tombak & daf
Lee Sang Hwa- sori-buk
Etienne Lafrance- double-bass


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