Exciting, yes! I will be joining my good friend Ken Shorley for a very special gathering on November 10th. From traditional to contemporary, from the East Coast to the Middle East, ‘Bodhran and Beyond’ is a day of workshops as well as a special concert featuring three instructors/ performers: Celtic bodhran master Mark Currie; event master-mind, frame drummer & most excellent composer Ken Shorley; and myself. Ever wished you could have a 360-degree, hands-on panorama of what playing the bodhran is all about? November 10th is the date, Wolfville NS is the place!
Special thanks to Cooperman Drums and Timpano-Percussion for providing some excellent instruments for use and purchase during the event.

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An introductory to advanced level workshop about the Irish bodhran. Students learn how to hold the drum, beater grips, tuning and pitch bending, as well as several basic Irish rhythms. […]