Happy New Year! I was extremely happy to recently spend two weeks in Japan with my good friend, the unique dancer and choreographer Hideo Arai. We’ve created a new project entitled  ‘Otofure’, which we performed at the Kimitsu civic theatre (video clips are on the way). I’m looking forward to the next chance to perform […]

Very happy to be back in Japan! I will be touring with my very good friend, movement artist and dancer Hideo Arai, in February and March. We’ll be performing our multidimensional piece ‘Gravity’ in four different cities in Chiba, Toyama, Shimane, and Hyogo, as well as conducting movement and rhythm workshops along the way. More […]

‘Playing Moon, Dancing Flower’ (11.11.2011) was a great success, artistically and in terms of the audience reaction as well. I have never heard so many people exclaim “Sugoi!” in one evening. The show went off perfectly: the overcast skies opened-up at show-time exactly, and stayed clear with an amazing view of the full-moon for the […]

With Dongara: Isao, Rico, Tetsuro and Tomoko. Wakayama has quickly become a memorable place on this trip Monday night (11.07), Hideo and I performed an fairly impromptu live session with writer, community activist and spoken word artist Yuri Iwahashi, in Wakayama. It was great fun transforming the space with dance and sound. The event was […]

Our visit to Taki town in Mie prefecture was great. The audience for the show on November 5th was almost half-full with kids, which gave the whole performance a special energy. This is the third time Hideo (Sensei), Iku (Madame President), Ita (Tech Chief) and I have performed a hybrid version of the piece Gravity […]