It was an intense week of Spanish music and incredibly infectious rhythms with Aleix Tobias, working on ‘Luz Ibérica’. Aleix shared his music and arrangements with enthusiasm and patience. It was a tremendous experience sitting next to him in rehearsal and onstage for 7 days straight, absorbing some of his fabulous groove. My thanks to […]

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I’m super excited to be preparing a new collaborative project that will feature the wonderfully creative Spanish percussionist and composer, Aleix Tobias. Aleix is the director of Coetus, the amazing Iberian percussion orchestra, and a fantastic musician. His playing reflects a multitude of influences and his unique way of blending traditional and contemporary styles speaks […]

It’s happened regularly over the past several years that I’m asked to participate in recording sessions for video games. I’m fairly ignorant of which games are successful or popular and which are not, but it is a kind of thrill to participate in one of these mega projects. And more often now, the companies seem […]

2013 has been an exceptionally fruitful year for CD releases. Several of the groups I perform with regularly have new recordings out, including La Nef, Trifolia, Small World Project and Bomata. In all, I’ve added a total of 8 new CDs of pretty great Canadian music to my discography. Have a listen to some of […]

Much to report… Small World Project has been especially busy this spring, with concerts in Zacatecas (Mexico), Vancouver, Burnstown (ON), and New York city at the Uke Fest. We’ll be hitting a number of stages over the summer, including for more performances of our live soundtrack to the animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. […]

Based on a Japanese folk tale, ‘Tsuki’ is a new children’s production by La Nef, featuring Suzanne De Serres, flutist Yuki Isami, and paper-cutting artist Claude Lafortune.

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