wow. Too much fun in one weekend at this year’s NAFDA gathering in Grafton, Vermont. Beautiful village, wonderful people, great music-making… and the cheese, oh, the cheese. Heartfelt thanks to […]

I am excited to be teaching and performing this summer at the NAFDA North 5, in Vermont, USA. I have attended several of these events, and they are very memorable experiences, for the artists and the attendees alike.
This year’s frame drum festival features a host of artists, including N. Scott Robinson, Todd Roach, Shane Shanahan, Yshai Afterman, and others. Hosted by Cooperman Drums of Vermont, the festival will include wide-ranging workshops for all levels of players, intimate evening concerts, a Cooperman factory tour, and hiking opportunities in a beautiful area of the state.
For more info, including fees and how to sign-up, visit the NAFDA site here.

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