Pushing Upwards | Sarah Pagé & Patrick Graham

‘Pushing Upwards’, composed by Sarah Pagé & Patrick Graham (2022).
Sarah Pagé, bass koto.
Patrick Graham, Microphonic Soundbox and percussion.

Inspired by a series of 5 black, white and gold paintings by Tamar Kasparian, this piece has at its centre the sombre tones of the bass koto, played acoustically as well as looped backwards. Various electronically-modified bowed and percussive sounds, including a closing section featuring the pair of iron hamon, complete the structure. The piece takes its name from the I Ching: ‘Adapting itself to obstacles and bending around them, wood in the earth grows upward without haste and without rest’.

Recorded August 29, 2022, in Montreal at Oscar Peterson Concert Hall by Vid Cousins; Mix by Sarah Pagé; Video edit by Patrick Graham.